Primary Role of the Environmental Commission: There is an urgent need for dialogue between States and nations to reach binding agreements on the basis of already existing shared commitments that will acknowledge the legitimate interests of environmental, conservation and guarantee communities’ rights for nations and states in the face of climate changes, biodiversity collapse, hazardous and nuclear waste disposals and detonations, unrestrained development and exploitation of lands, flora and fauna and raw materials prospectively altering the environment to the risk to continuity of nations and states.

Mandate: Conduct research, interviews, obtain testimony and undertake expert consultations with nations and states to prepare Draft Resolutions of references, findings, and language for Nation and State Environmental Relations Protocols to implement environmental policies and principles currently enshrined in international and domestic instruments that take into consideration variations in relations between states and nations’ environments, environmental and ecological structures territories and land ownership and capacities.

Commission Membership: Five social science, conventional economic and traditional economic systems experts appointed by the Preparatory Body. The appointed members of the Commission shall decide by consensus which of the five members shall serve as Commission Chair with the remaining members representing nation economic perspectives and state economic perspectives equally.

Commission Operations Oversight: The Secretary of Congress and Commission is the responsible Secretariat contact for support to the operations of the Commission. The Secretary supervises the Commission Specialist and if present the Commission Rapporteur.

Commission Operations: Communications between members and with the Secretariat and Preparatory Body are to be conducted via the following platforms: Protonmail.com, Signal.org, Zoom.US.  These platforms are free but may be subject to subscriptions. The Commission will use MSWord or compatible word-processing and Adobe Acrobat for PDF processing.

Commission Ethics and Security: The Commission shall conduct its work in accord with the CNS Information Security System Protocols published by the Secretariat.