March 9, 2021 | By: Antonia M. Jakovcevic | Categories: Activism, Diplomacy, Government, International Affairs, Non-profit

Congress of Nations and States to Bring New Peace Reforms in the Arab World

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON, March 9 – Whether the issue is human suffering, war crimes, climate change, immigration, chemical weapons or terrorism, the war’s toxic consequences are global and ongoing. The failure to end global wars continues to have profound, negative consequences for Indigenous nations, the world’s 206 states, democratic values, the rule of law, and international security. A need for convening a new peace congress that consists of both nations and states has been, therefore, globally recognized.

While most of the western world looks the other way, the newly organized Congress of Nations and States strives to bring all of the states and nations together to halt the war in Syria, protect the Syrian people’s well-being, prevent further damage to international institutions, and find mutually beneficial solutions to all involved.

It is expected that the CNS and its Specialized Commissions will support and enhance a peace and security reform in the Arab world by strengthening the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention and by assisting the states in investigating crimes against humanity. Maintaining peace in the Arab region will result in the prevention of Europe’s refugee influx, as well as the protection of nations and states across the globe from further terrorist and chemical weapon attacks.

The Congress’s six Specialized Commissions – Economic, Environmental, Political, Culture and Society, Security and Justice – will draft Protocol Resolutions between February 26, 2021, and July 2022, whereas the CNS is expected to convene in September 2022.

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