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Congress of Nations and States Conducts Inaugural Inter-Commission Session

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON, May 28 – Following three months of developing new international legislation, the six CNS Commissions – Economic, Environmental, Culture and Society, Political, Security and Justice – organized the first inter-commission session with the aim of discussing the organization’s logistics, shared goals, principles, and common lexicon.

The CNS Secretary General, the six Commissions’ Chairs and Specialists, and the Secretary of Commissions Lannette Nickens were among the attendees, each providing updates on the organization’s endeavors and sharing their experiences of synchronizing and coordinating a diffuse and diverse group of Commissioners who come from different backgrounds, utilize a different lexicon, and virtually attend the CNS meetings in different time zones.

“These sessions will allow the Commissions to build cohesion, which is essential for the Congress as it enters its final preparatory stage – and we’re very fortunate to have Secretary Nickens leading the way,” said Justice Commission Specialist Tim Franklin.

In the meeting, the members of the first ever congress comprising both nations and states further strategized the development and maintenance of peaceful, safe and just relations among the various nations and states, discussed the principle of equality and the establishment of the ‘’free, prior and informed consent’’ – a principle both nations and states promised to obey. Social responsibility in the extractive industries was also a topic of discussion.

Secretary Nickens announced inter-commission sessions will be held monthly until the Congress convenes in 2022.

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