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Congress of Nations and States Offers to Host Burma Summit

Dr. Mohammad Habib Ullah, CNS Preparatory Body Member; Member of the Rohingya Community
Dr. Mohammad Habib Ullah, CNS Preparatory Body Member; Member of the Rohingya Community

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON, May 6 – Tomorrow, the Congress of Nations and States (CNS) will offer to host a dialogue between Burma’s leaders of ethnic nations to establish agreements on collective actions to dismantle the Tatmadaw (Myanmar/Burmese military) and prevent further crimes being committed against the peoples of Burma.

The Tatmadaw is recognized by the ethnic nations as the agent killing many people, destroying the economic infrastructure, and forcing the collapse of the Burmese state.

“As Secretary General of the Congress of Nations and States, I am taking the initiative to offer the CNS as a neutral party – favoring neither nations nor states – to host responsible parties in Burma Summit that will work toward a peaceful end to the carnage in Burma brought on by the February actions of the Myanmar military led by Min Aung Hlaing,” stated Dr. Rudolph Ryser.

The United Nations has reported that Myanmar’s economy is “facing significant risks of collapse”, and COVID-19 is adding to a worsening situation. The United Nations report continued stating, “without functioning democratic institutions, Myanmar faces a tragic and avoidable backslide towards levels of poverty not seen in a generation.”

“In other words, Burma will cease to exist,” concluded CNS Secretary General.

Rohingya CNS Preparatory Body Member Mohammad Habib Ullah claims, “there will be no peace and stability under the ruthless military terrorists who are killing their own people instead of protecting them. It is high time for all ethnic nations to come together to eliminate these perpetrators of genocide.”

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