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West Papuan Provisional Government Forms Cabinet and Departments Independent from Indonesia

ULMWP, West Papua Provisional Government | Photo by:
ULMWP, West Papua Provisional Government | Photo by:

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON, May 1 – Today, on the 58th anniversary of Indonesia’s colonization of West Papua, the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Provisional Government has announced the formation of a full cabinet commanding 12 departments and its commitment to human rights, natural environment, and international humanitarian law.

After announcing the formation of the Provisional Government on December 1, 2020, the ULMWP has been building up governance capacities inside the occupied territory. The latest move comes after President Jokowi ordered a ‘crackdown’ in West Papua in response to the killing of an Indonesian intelligence chief.

Led by Interim President Benny Wenda and the Interim Prime Minister, the newly-created cabinet and government departments will encompass the Department of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Environment and Green State Policy, Home Affairs, Rights of All Beings and Justice, Political Affairs, Indonesia Affairs, Melanesia Affairs, Women Affairs, Social and Cultural Affairs, Police, and Finance.

The Department of Foreign Affairs will command the ULMWP’s network of diplomatic missions across the world, including the EU, UK, US and Pacific.

The Department of Defense will command the united West Papua Army. The military commanders announced their commitment to operating within international humanitarian law, the laws of armed conflict, and their support for a peaceful approach to resolving the conflict.

According to Interim President Wenda, West Papua is ready to work with the international community to hold a peaceful referendum on independence and realize their vision for a free and liberated West Papua:

“On the 58th anniversary of the illegal Indonesian invasion of our country, we take another step towards reclaiming our homeland. We are forming the world’s first Green State, able to protect the rights and life of all beings in place of an Indonesian occupation that has murdered hundreds of thousands of my people. Human rights and climate justice will be at the heart of our Provisional Government.”

Mr. Benny Wenda, Interim President of the Provisional Government | Photo by:

CNS Secretary General Rudolph Rÿser states, “the Congress of Nations and States welcomes the Provisional Government of West Papua to the family of nations’ governments, and I offer congratulations to Interim President Benny Wenda. I invite President Wenda to meet as soon as we can schedule a session.”

”The Congress of Nations and States will convene in late 2022 and invites the Provisional Government of West Papua to join the many other nations to sit as political equals to states in the Assembly to expand upon the good work of the United Nations by establishing protocols for implementing existing agreements and commitments between nations and states,” CNS Secretary General continued.

Due to the intense political repression of the Indonesian regime, the names of the cabinet ministers are not being released. The departments are working underground in West Papua to undermine Indonesian rule from the inside.

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