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Open Letter to Investors and Shareholders re: Burma

Tatmadaw Cartel Finance Map | Source:
Tatmadaw Cartel Finance Map | Source:

Dear Shareholders of for-profit institutions,

Are you aware that Myanmar (Burma) is being burned to the ground by the Tatmadaw (Burmese military)?

While most of the media has focused on the recent coup d’état, the Tatmadaw has been directly responsible for committing genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and other grave human rights and environmental abuses for nearly 70 years. Ethnic nations such as the Karen, Rohingya, Kachin, Mon, and the Shan are among the peoples facing genocide, and the state of Burma is in collapse.

In April, the United Nations Development Programme predicted that Burma is in economic collapse. The UNDP believes, as a result of the coup de ’tat and COVID-19, that all the gains that have been made in Burma at halving the poverty rate in the country will be lost.

Shareholders of public and private corporations can turn the tide of violence in favor of preventing the deaths of ethnic nations in Burma.

Most corporations have created documents professing a commitment to human rights principles and protection of the environment. These commitments remain empty when countries like Burma are allowed to be destroyed by the Tatmadaw. To illustrate, the Rohingya and the Arakanese people are not the beneficiaries of the oil and gas that exists on their lands. The Karen and Kachin people are not beneficiaries of the timber and gems that come from their lands. Instead, the Tatmadaw, acting as an independent criminal enterprise, has pillaged and plundered their lands while subjugating and murdering people for money.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples declares that Peoples have the right to free, prior, and informed consent for the use of resources on their land. This doctrine has never been acknowledged by the Tatmadaw – the criminal enterprise has control of Myanmar.

The Congress of Nations and States asks that, if you have invested your monies in any corporation, that you:

• demand that your monies be redirected away from the murderous regime and directly to the ethnic nations serving their peoples;
• ensure that your investment does not propagate or legitimate the following companies which directly benefit the Tatmadaw headed by Min Aung Hlaing:

Adani Ports And SEZ
AIT Corporation
AVIC International Holding (HK) LimitedAviChina Industry & Technology Company
Bharat Dynamics Limited
Bharat Electronics Limited
China Avionics Systems Co., Ltd.
Daiwa House Industry
Elbit Systems
Emerging Towns and Cities Singapore Ltd (ETC)
Hilton Worldwide Holdings
Kirin Holdings
Leader Steel Holdings Bhd
OCK Group Bhd
Pan-Pacific Co. Ltd.
POSCO International
PTT Oil and Retail (PTTOR)
Shangri-La Asia Ltd
Siam Cement Pcl.
Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Ltd
Tokyo Tatemono
Vpower Group
(source credit: Justice for Myanmar)

Rights based movements, such as Justice for Myanmar, continue to fight for the peoples of Burma by exposing those such as Tatmadaw’s Min Aung Hlaing who fatten their pockets personally and sustain the military. There is more than enough information which exists for shareholders and investors to make a significant difference.

The People of Burma can wait no longer.


The Congress of Nations and States

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