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CNS Celebrating the World’s 5000 nations on Indigenous Peoples Day

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8 August 2021 Olympia, WA USA – The Congress of Nations and States (CNS) [] celebrates the 2021 International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on 9 August joining the common call for a new Social Contract between UN Member States. The combined populations of indigenous nations constitute about 24% of the global population on all continents except Antarctica.

The Congress of Nations and States has scheduled its Assembly for October 2022 at a site hosted by an indigenous nation and a state. Delegations from states and nations in the world’s ten regions are expected to debate and formalize new protocols for the conduct of economic, environmental, social & cultural, security, political and justice relations. Comity between nations and states is the goal of CNS.

“Indigenous nations must now become equal political partners with the world’s states to implement commitments made by nations and states at the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples,” affirmed CNS Preparatory Body Chairman Dr. Emmanuel Enekwechi of Biafra joined by co-Chair Fadjar Schouten-Korwa of West Papua.

To further greater awareness about indigenous nations CNS reports that:

Many indigenous nations suffer from dislocation due to unrestrained development, destruction of biodiverse territories resulting from agriculture, mineral and oil extraction, changing climate, genocides, and impoverishment due to lack of foods, shelters, and health support.

Still some nations are taking action to exercise their authority as self-governing peoples to restore indigenous societies. Increasing numbers of indigenous nations are expanding the application of their customary laws to protect and ensure the welfare and safe

More than five thousand Indigenous peoples occupy territories inside the boundaries of all 206 states in the world. Indigenous peoples’ territories range from 25% to 100% of state claimed territories.

There are more than 1.9 billion indigenous peoples in the world though states’ governments recognize only 475 million.

Indigenous nations’ territories claimed by ten of the world’s developed economies include mineral (i.e., lithium, gold, aluminum, coal, copper, bauxite, etc.), oil and gas reserves estimated at a value of $290.7 trillion USD.

The Congress of Nations and States seeks to establish respectful relations between nations and states to promote equitable conditions for all of humanity.

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