Mission Statement of the Preparatory Body

The CNS Preparatory Body is constituted with Nations’ members and States’ members to plan, organize and convene the Congress of Nations and States. It is the principal organizational policy mechanism empowered to appoint the Secretary General, establish organizational and policy mechanisms, author rules and procedures, establish substantive policies, and oversee and enforce the conduct of the Congress procedures, schedules and rules.

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Preparatory Body Members

Maira Aisaeva
Uyghur, East Turkestan [Xinjiang, an autonomous territory in northwest China]
Amb Luis Marcos
Q’anjob’al Nation [Guatemala]
Dr. Mohammad Habib Ullah
Rohingya Nation [Burma]
Owen Lloyd
Maori Nation [New Zealand]
Dr. Emmanuel Enekwechi
Igbo (Biafra) [Nigeria]
Fadjar Schouten-Korwa
West Papua, the Western half of the island New Guinea [Indonesia]
Johan Häggman
Suomenruotsalainen [Finland]
Dr. Oley Njie
The Gambia Nation
Queztal Tzab
Maya of Quintana Roo [México]
Dr. Xoua Thao
Hmong [Diaspora in USA, France, Australia, Canada & South America, mountain border homelands between China, Vietnam, Burma, Laos and Thailand]