Secretary General Message

Rudolph C. Rÿser, PhD

Welcome to the Congress of Nations and States, an initiative launched by indigenous nations’ leaders, non-governmental organizations, and state political leaders over the last several years. We are seeking to strengthen and improve relations between peoples throughout the world through a new international mechanism. The Congress is a unique institution that provides nations and states with the opportunity to meet, engage and act in concert to set in motion social, economic, political, and cultural policies long expressed and enshrined in negotiated instruments but not implemented. The principle of equality and comity is the basis for the Congress and its proceedings. We seek to overcome barriers to effective implementation of constructive measures to reverse the adverse effects of Climate Change that has contributed to mass migrations and growing numbers of refugees. Obstacles to settling economic inequality, preventing social and cultural disruption of community life, and normalizing constructive relations between indigenous nations and governments inside the boundaries of existing states. Demilitarization of significant regions of the world and stabilization of state boundaries and claims to sovereignty are in part matters directly related to relations between indigenous nations and the various states and dependent on respectful engagement between all parties.

Too often, states’ parties’ inability to resolve major crises is directly related to whether all relevant and interested parties are seated at the table. The Congress of Nations and States sets the table for all parties to engage on an equal political plane. Such an approach ensures the airing of all major concerns as well as possible solutions. New protocols for the conduct of relations between nations and states are critical to establishing the boundaries for constructive engagement and participation of all relevant parties in decisions to implement and enforce agreements.

The 1.9 billion people of the many nations constitute 24% of the world’s population. They have not engaged as equal partners in the resolution and implementation of policies that set the world on a path of respectful problem solving for all of humanity. This lofty goal is now before us, and the mechanism we have planned is now in the formal establishment process.

Nations and States of goodwill, we call on you to join in the effort.

I thank you,

Secretariat Personnel

Rudolph C. Rÿser
Secretary General
Mariam Paulose
Deputy Secretary General
Jordan A. Lesser
Secretary of State Relations
Michael Lerma
Secretary of Nation Relations
Diane Lopiccolo
International Relations Counselor
Charlie Oum
Undersecretary of Records
Sabina Singh
International Relations Counselor
Cairistiona Annan
Undersecretary of Documents
Regina M. Paulose
International Legal Counsel
Raïss Tin Maung
Secretary of Congress
Lannette Nickens
Secretary of Commissions
Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash